In the beginning…

The first item of clothing I made was a free downloadable pattern from the Coletterie website called the Sorbetto Top. It’s a really simple sleeveless vest top; just two pattern pieces and no closures, so ideal for beginners like myself. I choose a cream cotton material with a small print, so I didn’t have to think about any pattern matching!

Here’s my version


I really didn’t know what I was doing! I had never cut out a pattern before, but found the instructions quite easy to understand, apart from the pleat bit down the middle. I also realised, but it was too late, that I messed up the bust darts! I actually cut the triangle part that marks the darts completely out and then tried to sew the two pieces together leaving a very small seem! It did work though!

The second item I made was actually very similar, but a step up in sewing skills as it included inserting an invisible zip into the back (This was scary!) The pattern was from the Great British Sewing Bees first book from series one, and all of the patterns are available to download here.

Like I said, I found inserting my first zip really tricky, but there are some great tutorials out there that came to my rescue.

Here’s my version of the GBSB tunic top.


Looking at this top now, I don’t know why I brought this material – it’s really not me! I would never look at this top in a shop!

This is when I realised that I must think more about both the material and style of the patterns I choose. So now I always ask myself ‘Would you buy this in a shop?’

It was sometime since I made this top, but I remember clearly the nightmare I had doing the ‘All in one facing.’ I remember reading something online that compared it to sewing inside a sock and that’s exactly what it felt like. Here is a great tutorial on all in one facings from Crafter Hours Blog

Since I started sewing I have also made some cushion covers, bunting and Xmas decorations, but I don’t get the same enjoyment that I do from making clothes.

Next time I hope to share with you my sudden obsession to sewing with striped material (navy & white stripes to be precise). I’ve made two dresses over the last week, my favourite one being Tilly and the Buttons new pattern – Coco It was a joy to sew and wish I’d made this my first sew, but more about that next time.

Happy sewing!


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